A teaser trailer for Dark Sunrise


Artist Interview with Actor Lauren Knight


Artist Interview with Actor Erin Gibbons


Another teaser trailer for Dark Sunrise



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DARK SUNRISE - A low budget, indie feature

Dark Sunrise is project in the works since 2014. A proof of concept short was shot in September 2014, based on one of the scenes from the feature screenplay. Principal filming was wrapped over a three week period this summer (2015) at a lakeside resort near Bancroft Ontario.

Three teenage girls, summer friends since they were little, arrive at a summer resort with their families for the annual vacation. One girl, Maddy, has arrived with her father, Dan, and her older sister, Rachel. Dan has recently divorced from their mother and wants to reconnect with his daughters. Rachel wants nothing to do with Dan. Maddy is more focused on texting her new boyfriend, and hanging with her two resort friends, Taylor and Jenna. However, this summer, a menacing creature, part human, part unknown entity, has invaded the innocent world of the girls, with disastrous results.


There is so much left to do (editing, visual effects, color grading, distribution and marketing). We still need help to make Dark Sunrise a reality. If you can, please donate directly to the production and help us get Dark Sunrise to the big screen. An interac eTransfer is a secure and simple online option to donate.

Use the email address:, send us your security answer and we'll complete the process.

Thank you.








Wishes to thank the following people and businesses for their HUGE efforts in supporting the making of this movie

Bancroft Bed and Breakfast

and Kathryn Wishlow for hosting our Bancroft auditions and helping to cast local talent


The Bancroft Eatery and Brew Pub

and Ray Krupa for supporting our Indiegogo campaign with Gift Certificates to the restaurant


Bancroft Brewery - official beer of Dark Sunrise

Bancroft Theatre Guild - website support

Black Fly Theatre - Pippa Strachan and Daniel Boileau - website support and talent scouts

Miriam Hookings - got things rolling for us in Bancroft, connecting with all the right people

Lisa Grootenboer - editor exrtaordinaire on the Proof of Concept



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