From a shocking event in the 60s, to the to the lives of three teenage girls today, Dark Sunrise embroils vicious revenge, power struggles of the gods and innocence lost. Three girls, summer friends since they were little, arrive at a lakeside resort with their families for the annual vacation. One girl, Maddy, has arrived with her father, Dan, and her older sister, Rachel. Dan has recently divorced from their mother and wants to reconnect with his daughters. Rachel wants nothing to do with Dan. Maddy is more focused on texting her new boyfriend, and hanging with her two resort friends, Taylor and Jenna. Everything changes when Maddy wanders away to text her boyfriend becoming the victim of a menacing creature, part human girl, part unknown entity. The creature stalks Maddy, marking her with a bloody rune symbol, slowly possessing her. Strange things start to happen around the camp; many experience surreal dreams; then the crows arrive, waiting, watching, ready to attack.

Dark Sunrise is a clash of worlds, the first in a trilogy that takes us beyond our world to realms where power is magic and the gods are angry.






  2022 Dark Sunrise Films